Best 7 Unique Secret Room Ideas You Must Have

have a secret room at home? Each secret room must also have an entrance or a hidden door to get to the secret room. Usually, a hidden door leads to a different secret room as you wish. Like the design of an ancient kingdom there. With basements or other secret rooms. Who says the idea of ​​a secret room design with hidden doors cannot be applied in modern homes today? now there are still many too.

Do you have the desire to have a hidden place at home? Yup, the secret room at home does not have to always be used as a hiding place, but you can also make it a private space, study, a place to entertain yourself or as an escape moment when you need peace. Want to know what secret room designs you can apply in your own home? take a look below which Moetoe will give.

Below Are Best 7 Unique Secret Room Ideas You Must Have

Bookshelf The Same Time a Secret Door Ideas - DECOREDO

This Unique Secret Room design is great for you to have with your mini library to be a door to a hiding place as well as a book that is your collection so no one knows about it.

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How to Get a Secret Room in Your Home - Bing images

very elegant and very good for a Unique Secret Room design with a library in your home that can be a sliding door for your hidden space and also with color that is painted or not colored or painted.

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How To Install A Secret Passageway In Your House Hidde

Your kitchen can also be made as a Unique Secret Room because maybe many people do not know that the storage rack or kitchen cabinet can also be made a door to a hidden room, with good lighting too.

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Images of Hidden Rooms In Houses

looks cool and nice in this Unique Secret Room with a drink or mini bar can also be a door to your hidden room with a shelf or storage of books that are still natural or not painted.

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Unbelievable Secret Doorways Into Hidden Rooms - DECOR IT'S

beautiful and very impressive for a Unique Secret Room design in your book storage that can be an entrance for a very nice and amazing hidden space, with sufficient lighting from outside the window.

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Модный тренд потайные двери

a very beautiful design for a Unique Secret Room with a cupboard or bookshelf near you used to read your book can also make it a door to your hidden room.

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Потайные комнаты, о которых мы мечтали с детства

This Unique Secret Room design is great for you to have with a cupboard or toy rack of children in your home into a door to your the hidden room that you can also apply to your home.

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Thank you for reading our article, hopefully, it can give you useful ideas or inspiration about Unique Secret Room Ideas.

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