9 Fabulous Modern Garden Architecture Design Ideas

california modern landscape design

House Design with a garden house concept is identical to the existence of a Modern Garden in the area of ​​the house, of course. Not only in the garden house, now every homeowner must begin to realize that it is important to have a Modern Garden around his house. Awareness to add a garden in the home is increasingly supported by the reduced green area in the middle of the city. The park becomes an alternative area to relax and spend time with family in your home. But not all houses have parks. Maybe because of their reasons for limited land, and you decide or make it important to expand the interior rather than the exterior. This generally happens in large cities, where land prices are very expensive, so they prefer to eliminate green land and expand the interior.

In fact, the park has a very important function for the balance of the environment around your home. First, parks make the air cooler and fresher. This happens because plants that are planted in the garden will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. Second, the park makes the house more shady and comfortable, especially if there are large trees there. Third, the park provides excellent aesthetic value on the exterior of your home. Adding a garden element in the house has a positive impact on the home and its inhabitants. Plants can reduce air temperatures up to 3-4 ° C. For those of you now who are looking for an idea or reference about a modern garden, see below.

Below Are 9 Fabulous Modern Garden Architecture Design Ideas

Exquisite Trendy Backyard Design

This Modern Garden Design is great for you to have in your house with a wooden deck on the way to the home garden and also with grass planted in rap and also on the edge of the house and also with large plants too.

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Adjusting to the modern garden design - Decorifusta

very beautiful and also very impressive in the design of Modern Garden with fish ponds and also with artificial waterfalls complete with paths from wooden decks and bridges for fish ponds.

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House colors - Amazing modern facade in brown featured on A

It looks very simple for a Modern Garden with small pebbles in the garden and also with a fish pond in the middle of the yard and also with a semicircular plant shape.

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Modern asian small landscaping design - DECOR IT'S

amazing for a Modern Garden design with good lighting at night and also with gray tiles and complete with small white pebbles.

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Оригинальная садовая дорожка

This Modern Garden Design is great for you to have in your yard with unique stones and also uses a white color scheme on an area of ​​only green plants and is very fresh.

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Best 100 Awesome Modern Front Yard Gardening Ideas (20) - H

very impressive if you apply this to your backyard with a Modern Garden with rather large trees and also with plants in the form of a fence in your yard and there are also white gravel.

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california modern landscape design

it looks beautiful and is also very spacious for a Modern Garden with colorful pebbles that are white, red and there are also shades of gray and also with only a few large trees.

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Modern Contemporary - Eco Outdoor

a small enough design for a Modern Garden that you might be able to apply to your home in the backyard, with wooden chairs and also with the surrounding plants and also with fire pits.

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Modern Garden Design - Crithome

very beautiful and also very unique to the Modern Garden with a round stone on the side of your house which is under a tree and also with rather large gravel and with small plants and there is also a place to sit.

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Thank you for reading our article, hope that it can give you an idea or useful inspiration about 9 Fabulous Modern Garden Architecture Design Ideas.

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