7 Exceptional Indoor Garden Designs For Fresh Home Decoration Ideas

Want to make your room fresher and cooler than before? Just add the decoration of indoor plants in your home. Not only can make the room look more beautiful, but the presence of plants in the dwelling can also improve air circulation. However, not all plants can be placed indoors. Plants that are relatively easy to place indoors have several physical criteria such as free stem structure, sufficient number of leaves and relatively short size.

in the placement of the indoor park, location determines the appropriate design for its application. In this case in the corner of the house is given a plain white cat to make the room look more spacious. While the selection of pots is adjusted to the area of ​​the room. The small size and being varied with tall, leafy green plants will add to the beautiful and cool comfort of the indoor garden. For those of you who have difficulty in terms of ideas or references do not worry there is a moetoe that will be ready to help you, see the picture below.

Below Are 7 Exceptional Indoor Garden Designs For Fresh Home Decoration Ideas

35 Indoor Garden Ideas to Green Your Home Indoor courtyard,

Indoor Garden design with a beautiful plant with good lighting and also a cactus and also with natural stone on an attractive wall with gravel or stone there is also a deck of a natural colored wood, which is great if you have.

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this design is great in your dining room in an indoor garden which is on a wall and also has a nice ceiling light. not only that but there is also a chandelier in the room that looks more elegant and romantic.

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This design is great for those of you who want a very good freshness in a room with an Indoor Garden right under the stairs and also a floating storage rack and also there are two very attractive chairs, complete with using a white carpet.

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Indoor Garden Wall Ideas - DECOR IT'S

Vertical Indoor Garden design that can add freshness to your work office and also with very dazzling lighting and also with an attractive chair and desk that you can apply to your home.

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Minimalist Indoor Garden Design Ideas - MOOLTON

the minimalist design of the house with an Indoor Garden that can make your home fresher and you can be happy when in it with good lighting on the ceiling and also with a floor of wood that is still natural or still you have not painted.

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This design is very beautiful for those of you who have a room that is rather spacious with you putting the Indoor Garden in it with a special place deliberately made Indoor Garden so that it looks more attractive and very beautiful with hanging pots and plants that you can apply or imitate at home.

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a very simple design on an Indoor Garden with a white pebble on the decoration on the ground and gives a glass to the Indoor Garden which becomes a barrier between the floor and the ground or the garden inside has a beautiful and charming flower color with very beautiful lighting.

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