Wonderful Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas For You To See

Today, industrial design styles are widely known and sound very familiar to our ears. We can easily find industrial design styles in cafe interior design, offices, barbershops, or even in private dwellings. The industrial design style is believed to be one of the choices of interior design styles that are able to give a unique and artsy impression in any room.

The industrial style often uses monochromatic colors that have a masculine impression. His trademark is to use a material that tends to be coarse like metals and steel that are intentionally exposed to further highlight the original character. The material used also uses recycled materials or industrial materials such as glass, iron, and aluminum. Industrial materials are processed in such a way as to display interesting interior elements.

Awesome industrial style

Awesome industrial style

Industrial is a design style that was initially used in Europe due to the many former factory buildings that were no longer used. In order not to become material waste or just run out of space, adjustments are made so that the buildings become comfortable and livable. Until then the LOFT design concept was born, namely redesigning buildings without changing the original character of the original building.

From that idea, an industrial design style was born with visual images using rough textures, exposed walls, an unfinished impression. Over time, this design style is also growing. Industrial style is no longer only applied to old buildings but is widely used as a choice of design styles for business spaces and modern dwellings. No exception is the bathroom interior design. Industrial style has its own uniqueness when used as the main choice of bathroom interior style. Its rough and unfinished appearance makes the bathroom look very unique and different.

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