15 Amazing Vegetable Garden Decorations That Can Make Your Home Yard Beautiful

As we already know, most vegetables that are usually bought on the market contain pesticides. These pesticides can endanger the health of people who consume them. Why not start making your own vegetable garden?

Having your own vegetable garden not only gives you economic benefits, but also green homes. To make your home more beautiful, you don’t have to stick to the “standard” garden design on the yard.

There are many creative ways to create a beautiful vegetable garden, including for the owner of a narrow yard.

Here are 15 interesting ideas that you can apply at home.

1. Hanging Vegetable Gardens

Hanging vegetable gardens are a popular choice for owners of narrow yards. You can use pots, used cans, or used bottles as a planting medium. You can hang it on the wall or install a special wooden board for this garden. However, remember that these pots will be heavy due to soil and water, so you have to make sure the pots hang firmly.

Hanging vegetable garden ideas picking out outdoor hanging plants ideas

Hanging vegetable garden ideas – Source: newyorkrevolution.org

Creative vegetable garden ideas

Creative vegetable garden ideas – Source: thespruce.com

Urban gardening for beginners

Urban gardening for beginners – Source: physiologicnyc.com

Vertical garden history

Vertical garden history – Source: thespruce.com

Vertical vegetable gardening diy unique beautiful ve able garden diy home garden

Vertical vegetable gardening – Source: meaningfuluse-emr.com

2. Mini Garden In A Wooden Box

A low wooden box can be a portable “mini” vegetable garden, suitable if the sun does not illuminate the entire yard to its full potential. Wooden crates can be an ideal planting medium, especially for wood panel parts that have gaps, suitable for irrigation. You can put the wheel at the bottom so it is easy to move if necessary.

You can grow vegetables that are easy to grow and often harvested, such as carrots, lettuce, cabbage, and onions. They look beautiful when they grow together, but after harvest, they will look “flat” so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Balcony garden planter boxes magnificent

Balcony garden planter boxes magnificent – Source: send-for.info

Wooden herb planter

Wooden herb planter – Source: lauriemechelle.com

3. Garden With A Beautiful Collection Of Pots

Use pots with various designs to grow vegetables. You can choose a unique pot that matches the backyard design. Make sure the pot is exposed to a lot of suns. When placing a pot, notice how the pot will be seen while side by side with the house.

Backyard vegetable garden

Backyard vegetable garden – Source: gartenmobel.info

Danger garden containers

Danger garden containers – Source: ontheps.blogspot.com

Mixed container gardening vegetable ideas

Mixed container gardening vegetable ideas – Source: jannermanor.com

Vegetable garden patio

Vegetable garden patio – Source: elcorazon.club

4. High Planting Media

Highland vegetable gardens may be normal, but what if you make a waste garden vegetable garden? Such gardens are useful for avoiding pests and reducing the workload of working on the land.

Raised bed garden kit lowes

Raised bed garden kit lowes – Source: outdoorwaco.com

Raised bed vegetable garden layout ideas design

Raised bed vegetable garden layout ideas design – Source: mayapo.co

Small kitchen garden

Small kitchen garden – Source: julialitvinova.com

Using pro-mix growing media in hydroponics

Using pro-mix growing media in hydroponics – Source: pthorticulture.com

After seeing a few inspirations from the vegetable garden above, it felt increasingly impatient to immediately have my own vegetable garden!

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