11 Bohemian Bedroom Designs That Make Your Sleep More Comfortable

One of the things that determine the beauty of the bedroom is the theme of the room. One of the themes we have to try is the bohemian style. Although the Bohemian Kingdom has long been extinct, the tastes of the world community in this style have not faded.

However, not all chic things are included in the bohemian category. Bohemian-style bedrooms are not the same as cheerful teen-style room decorations. Bohemian prioritizes feminism and strong ethnic European character.

If you’re curious, under some models of feminine bohemian style bedrooms.

1. Feminine Motifs And Textures

Bohemian is a style that is widely used by women. This style is applied through feminine textures, such as lace, braids, embroidery, knits, and tassel.

Bohemian chic bedroom

Bohemian chic bedroom – Source: gulfstreamturbine.com

Bohemian interior design

Bohemian interior design – Source: homedecormagz.com

Bohemian themed bedroom

Bohemian themed bedroom – Source: lifeofanotherleague.com

Boho bedrooms

Boho bedrooms – Source: no.pinterest.com

2. Ethnic Motives

Bohemian comes from mainland Europe, especially Czech. So, when choosing patterns and shapes for furniture in the bedroom, make sure you choose ethnic motifs.

Bohemian style bedroom

Bohemian style bedroom – Source: pistoncars.com

Boho ethnic bedroom

Boho ethnic bedroom – Source: gowithharmony.com

Ethnic textiles bedroom

Ethnic textiles bedroom – Source: deringhall.com

Favourite ethnic bedrooms

Favourite ethnic bedrooms – Source: housify.com

3. Artwork

Don’t forget to add a little touch of art in the bedroom, for example through deer head statues, and many others.

Bohemian bedroom decor

Bohemian bedroom decor – Source: bohochic.style

Decorative boho bedroom

Decorative boho bedroom – Source: dogtrainerslist.org

Hanging bronze light fixtures

Hanging bronze light fixtures – Source: simpleandsweets.com

Not difficult right? You only need to add a few knick-knacks and rearrange your room!

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