10 Incredible DIY Lanterns Designs To Decorate Small Space

Lanterns are lighting lamps that we often encounter in various big celebrations such as Diwali, Waisak, and Imlek. Lanterns are usually round and made of paper and these threads will usually be flown to the sky or flowed into the sea.

Not only used as a symbol of lighting, but more lanterns are also used here as decorations and displays indoors.

To sweeten the room, you can also make your own lantern using some easy-to-find ingredients like the one below. Come see!

1. Paper Lanterns

You can use paper to make the lantern look beautiful and attractive. In addition, using paper will give the impression of 3D. The use of light-colored paper and also lacy shapes will add beautiful results to your lantern.

Paper doily lanterns

Paper doily lanterns

Diy paper lanterns

Diy paper lanterns

2. Beautiful Cotton Lantern

If you want to feel the sensation of being in the cloud, you can make a lantern that has a cotton pad to feel more like a cloud. This type of lantern is very suitable to be used as decoration for room lights. Because the resulting color is slightly dim and makes the atmosphere calm. Also, make sure you use the right color of the lamp so that the lantern looks like the original.

Beautiful cotton lanterns

Beautiful cotton lanterns – source: pinterest.ru

Cotton lanterns light

Cotton lanterns light – source: m.ru.dhgate.com

3. Jellyfish Lanterns

This type of lantern can be used as a complement to events, such as birthdays. You can make it with colorful lanterns to add fun. You can even make this jellyfish lantern as an indoor decoration.

Jellyfish lanterns under the sea baby girl

Jellyfish lanterns under the sea baby girl – source: pinterest.ru

Paper lantern jellyfish fascinating

Paper lantern jellyfish fascinating – source: liminality360.com

4. 3D Lanterns

This type of lantern is suitable to be placed anywhere. The living room or family room will still beautify the room. Fresh choices will make the atmosphere more cheerful. Even the use of bright colors can make the room a little colored and look modern. For that, make sure to choose the accessory color for the desired lantern.

Paper cup lamp

Paper cup lamp – source: youtube.com

Paper pendant lamp shades

Paper pendant lamp shades – source: samodelkino.info

5. Table Mat Lanterns

To give a 3D accent, you can also use a table mat that has a rather stiff texture. Neutral colors like white and lacy shapes will add to your beautiful lantern later.

Paper doily lanterns

Paper doily lanterns – source: knittingcrochet.net

Table mat lanterns

Table mat lanterns – source: pinterest.nz

Those are some simple examples to make your own lantern design at home. You can even make it with various other types of accessories.

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