Enchanting Dream Backyard Design Ideas For Your Comfortable Home

Modern Rustic Terrace

In addition to eating and sleeping, the house should have a room where family members can relax in the open air. The backyard is the right location because anyone would love to sit or laugh freely without worrying about being peered at by a neighbor.

We have a million ideas for your inspiration, including designing backyards. This edition specifically presents a variety of backyard designs that are suitable for spacious or narrow backyard homes. Let’s choose!

Backyard Source Of Inspiration

Backyard Source Of Inspiration

1. Modern Rustic Terrace

How do you combine old and new styles? This back porch is a perfect example! The facade of the red brick wall is indeed nothing. But large glass sliding doors make this ancient house contemporary. The porch is covered with ceramic floors, the rest is planted with fresh grass. There is no roof or pergola on the terrace because the local area is not hot.

2. All-wood Mini-Bar

Do you like parties? Making a regular party in the backyard is also exciting. We can meet friends and family more often. The costs we spend on partying at home are also less than partying at cafes or discotheques. To make the atmosphere more fun, set up a mini bar behind the house like this.

3. Backyard Source Of Inspiration

Work that involves fine motor nerves, such as writing, painting, or counting, requires a quiet and hassle-free work area. The workspace does not need to be spacious, but it is complete with supporting facilities. For example, a writing desk plus chairs, comfortable sofas for lunch, bookshelves, and so on.

4. Personal Workspace

This is an alternative way to use the backyard as a workspace. If you have enough budget, we can order a prefabricated workspace in the form of a backyard. The advantage, prefab workspace can be dismantled if we move house.

5. Comfortable Swimming Pool

For me, the backyard with the swimming pool is the champion. Water has cleansing and flowing properties. The head feels hot because too much overtime can be cold when soaking in water. Besides that, staring at the water in the pool from behind the window can also cause a sense of calm. Furniture should be made of durable material because it will be exposed to the weather.

6. Relax At Height

Who says, living in an apartment can’t have a backyard? How come We have several examples of apartment balconies that have been transformed into a backyard. One of them is this picture. Plant pots can replace the presence of trees or lawns. The concrete pot can also be made by yourself. A blend of contrasting colors like orange and yellow makes your little ‘yard’ more tempting to relax.

7. Indoor Backyard

Covering all-balcony areas with walls and roofs like this can be a solution if you want to relax alone in all weather conditions. The existence of glass windows and plants is very important so that this area is rich in light, such as a real backyard. The vertical garden is a wise choice for those who live in high-rise buildings and want to have a garden. But certain types of plants can make the atmosphere crowded. This area designer uses Japanese grass in his vertical garden. The result? A mini grassy yard stuck to the wall. Unique and refreshing.

8. Cool With Rattan

Rattan furniture is affordable, beautiful, durable, easy to get around us. Currently, there is also synthetic rattan furniture with various color choices. The backyard becomes more attractive and comfortable to rest if there is rattan furniture there. In this example, dark brown rattan furniture is used to match the backyard fence.

9. Yard On The Top Of The Building

In addition to plants, artificial gardens or gardens that are made not above the ground can appear more fantastic with lighting. Decorative stones are arranged in such a way that the person sitting here does not forget the natural atmosphere, even though he lives in a modern city that is densely populated.

10. Luxury With Light

When the sun sets and the lights are turned on, all objects will show the other side. Certainly not the dark side, but the bright side. The lights in this example are simple, but the effect is ‘wow’. Without a lot of backyard knick-knacks, this will always be awesome. Especially if you add a table and chairs to enjoy a cup of coffee.

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