10 Beautiful Neutral Bedroom Color Ideas For Your Comfortable Sleep

Be inspired by these neutral bedroom ideas that will leave you feeling cool, calm and collected. Who says that a neutral bedroom color palette should stop at beige. Get inspiration by blending sophisticated and versatile hues from white to charcoal grey. Take a look at our 10 inspiring neutral bedroom ideas.

What’s fantastic about working with neutrals is that virtually all tones work together and you can enrich a décor with imaginative use of textures such as faux-fur, suede, and wood.

1. Decorating the Bedroom with Beautiful Neutrals

Step away from the warm side of the spectrum – red, orange and yellow – and pass by the cooler hues of green, blue and purple, and you enter the decorating world of the neutrals.

Decorating the bedroom with beautiful neutrals

Decorating the bedroom with beautiful neutrals – Source: awelldressedhome.com

2. High Contrast

Think the only way to create a dramatic, high-contrast bedroom is to decorate with bright colors or moody blues, reds or greens? Well, think again, because if you choose them well, neutrals can be every bit as dramatic and eye-catching as the purer colors of the spectrum. Picture charcoal gray or chocolate brown (as in the room featured here) highlighted with gauzy accents of creamy white.

High contrast

High contrast – Source: trendir.com

3. Clean and Serene

The minimalist decorating style is free from clutter and unnecessary furnishings, with a clean and serene vibe that makes it perfectly suited to the bedroom. While often associated with a stark, cool palette of black, gray, and white, a palette of earth-tone neutrals also works very well with this tranquil decorating style, adding some warm welcome.

Clean and serene

Clean and serene – Source: pinterest.pt

4. Go With a Theme

Want to keep an all-neutral bedroom out of the doldrums? The gorgeous bedroom shown here is a fine example of Southwestern country décor, but you could just as easily use a palette of neutrals with almost any other decorating theme.

Go with a theme

Go with a theme – Source: pncrealestatenewsfeed.com

5. Turn to the Walls

If you’re looking for an easy way to shake up a neutral bedroom, then turn to the walls. Solid wall color is safe and expected, of course, but sometimes you’re looking to add an edge. If so, grab a can of paint and a paintbrush, and cover up your furniture with drop cloths. In an afternoon, you can bring a neutral palette to life by getting creative with your walls.

Turn to the walls

Turn to the walls – Source: newenglandpondhockey.com

6. Get Rustic

The beauty of rustic style is its inherent imperfection, casual comfort, and endless texture in the cracks and crevices of aged wood. Neutrals are easy on the eyes, soothing, and warmly welcoming. Put those together, and you get a bedroom that practically begs you to come inside, lay downloads of the day, and stretch out for a much-needed rest.

Get rustic

Get rustic – Source: designinspiration.com

7. High Shine

Just add some touches of shine in the form of mirrors, glass or crystal lighting fixtures, gold or silver frames or furniture trim, shiny fabrics like satin, a polished wood floor, and a few reflective accessories. The key to keeping the look glamorous – not tacky – is to keep the shine confined to small areas throughout the room and to let the metallic or reflective surfaces be the stars of the space.

High shine

High shine – Source: pinterest.ru

8. Pattern Play

You can’t go wrong when you have a mix of large, small, and in-between designs. Because the entire palette is neutral, your patterns should all work well together, but you can add more interest by combining different designs, such as a floral, a geometric and a stripe, or a medley of global patterns with a classic stripe or polka dot.

Pattern play

Pattern play – Source: cityfarmhouse.com

9. Very Romantic

The trick to taking a room from attractive but nothing really special to classy romance is to use soft fabrics as accents throughout the space, along with touches of gold, glass, or crystal.

Very romantic

Very romantic – Source: pinterest.ru

10. Add Some Wow

The form that wow takes is up to you: an oversize, eye-catching headboard does it here, but it could just as easily be a large piece of exceptional artwork, a fantastic hanging light fixture, a boldly patterned window treatment or area rug, or a piece of furniture that’s out of the ordinary.

Add some wow

Add some wow – Source: houstonchronicle.com

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