Awesome Modern Fireplace Design Ideas For A Comfortable Natural Atmosphere

Cold conditions like snow in some countries will sometimes be fun but there are also unpleasant things. Some countries with four seasons will soon face winter. Countries that experience winter certainly uses fireplaces as heating devices. The portable heater to be installed in a single unit in the house is available. For those who already have a house, of course having a fireplace as a heater can be a thrifty solution and safe during the winter.

Here are some unique, modern and elegant fireplace designs that can be your inspiration in making a fireplace. So, don’t hesitate to install a fireplace in your house.

Professional 3d architectural visualization

Professional 3d architectural visualization

1. Fireplace With Circular Sofa

Together with the family to warm themselves up and gather, this one fireplace design can familiarize yourself with other family members. The couch that is designed curved around the fireplace makes people inside can look at each other and interact with each other. Comfortable and modern.

2. A Fireplace In A Lounge

If in your house there is a gathering lounge-like above, you can also use it as a warm area with this unique fireplace design. It looks like a bonfire with a smoke pipe leading up to cone. A room with a window and a door on one side present warmth amid the cold weather.

3. A Fireplace In The Corner Of The Room

The corner of the room which is usually an unused space can be used as a fireplace as in the photo above. The shape of this corner is indeed unusual. Equipped with glass in several parts. The shape is reminiscent of the formation of crystal stones that have various surfaces on one element.

4. Hanging Fireplace

This one fireplace will certainly be very prominent in the room. Because when we look into the room, the eyes will focus on this elegant black hanging fireplace. The shape and color look different from the room inside, but with this fireplace, the room feels not monotonous. The warmth of the room is also supported by the atmosphere inside which uses wood material as furniture.

5. Glass Fireplace

This fireplace covered with glass will look charming and luxurious because of its transparent material and beautiful reflection. The fireplace below it can also be seen clearly and feels a modern impression in the house. But if you often use a fireplace like this, of course, the glass in it must be diligently cleaned so that it still looks clean and charming.

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