Amazing Contemporary Living Room Decoration Ideas That Make Yourself Comfortable

Arranging or decorating a living room is a necessity to present the best impression for a home. This is related to its function of accepting other people, not residents, who want to feel comfortable in your home.

However, over time, there are now many homes with living rooms that function as family rooms. This trend is due to the limited land left to build houses and innovations in maximizing space in the house.

Here are some nice and not excessive living room decorations. So it is perfect for your new home.

Modern Contemporary Living Room

Modern Contemporary Living Room

1. Apply With Pastel Colors

Presenting a calm atmosphere in home decor can be done by changing the color of the living room.

Wall paint and pastel-colored furniture for the living room gives a warm impression and also won’t feel excessive if you want to decorate with other additional living room accessories, such as statues or flower vases.

2. Use A Frameless Cabinet Or Glass Shelf

Important cabinets or cabinets as decorations in the living room area, because you can fill them with decorations or accessories that show your personality.

Choosing a cabinet cannot be arbitrary. For a small living room, it is recommended to use a glass shelf without a frame or a slim frame. For those of you who like to travel, the shelf can be used as a treasured place that tells each of your trips.

3. Select The Sofa That Matches The Space

Complementing the alternative to replace the high cabinet with a more compact one, you can also apply it with furniture, such as a sofa that will be used as a complement to your living room decor.

Because of its important role, a medium-sized tuxedo sofa can be the best choice when you have a living room in a house with limited land.

4. Decorate With A Mirror

The presence of a mirror in the living room does not only function as a decorative accent that shows an elegant impression.

This mirror is also capable of presenting an illusion that makes your living room a little wider thanks to its reflection. For this type of mirror, you can adjust the style of your home, whether it’s a classic or modern minimalist style.

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